A Perfect Gift for Someone’s 40th? Check Our Cellar for Ideas

Chances are good that you have a friend or relative whose 40th birthday is coming up soon. Few people are thrilled to be turning forty and are in fact more likely to feel down about getting old. If you’d like to remind them that turning forty is no disaster but rather a chance to focus on getting better with age, say it with an aged wine from the year of the person’s birth!

The memorable years before the Czechoslovak Velvet Revolution in 1989 were rebellious in spirit. Not only was Charter 77 founded in 1977 but many exclusive grapes were also born, unfazed by the political tumult around the world. Those grapes gave rise to wines that are unique and special. Just like the people who were born in those years! Remind them just how special they are!

Time Is on Our Side

Someone once said that people get better with age. It is not just a figure of speech to make us feel less anxious about aging. After years of climbing the career ladder, making money and providing for one’s family, we turn forty and look back at our life. It is a good time to say “good job” for all the things you have done right, “thank you” for all the gifts that came your way, and laugh about your slip-ups. And what better place to do that than a birthday party with friends!

Birthday parties are a part of life—they are necessary rituals that mark the passage of time and an opportunity to see people who are meaningful to us. And, also, a time when people bring gifts. If you have been invited to a birthday party, you are likely to be fishing for birthday gift ideas. Let us help you make a lasting memory for your special someone: shop our collection of aged wines from around the world.

Wine from the Wild Years

Birth year wine always makes for an original gift for both men and women, as many of our customers will attest. Whether or not the birthday girl or boy is a connoisseur, the symbolic meaning of such a gift is exceptional and profound. And if they have a designated space for storing wine, they can turn your gift into a long-term investment. Once they decide to open it, there is the added thrill of not knowing what it will taste like—it is impossible to know how well a wine has aged, how the long process of aging opened up and altered its flavor. What an adventure!

If you are currently brainstorming for a 40th birthday gift ideas, explore our selection of 40th Anniversary Wines.

A Perfect Gift for Someone’s 40th? Check Our Cellar for Ideas