The World’s Most Expensive Wine Speaks French

Make yourself comfortable, leave your cares behind and come with us to the realm of aged wines. But be careful—the price of some of them could make you dizzy.

It is a truth universally acknowledged that wine is much more than a tool for creating romantic atmosphere, pleasing your taste buds and lifting your spirits; it also has a social and symbolic value. There are wines in this world that command a price that would easily put a luxury car to shame.

The World’s Most Expensive Wine Speaks French

France. This land of cheese and delicious grapes is famous for its majestic red wines. It is thus hardly surprising that it is the home of the world’s finest wines. If having a glass of a good vintage of Romanée Conti is your thing, you will have to allocate over $9,000. There are many very passionate wine collectors out there who will pay that much without a second thought.

Exclusive is Expensive

The first and foremost reason why these wines are so extravagantly expensive is that they are very rare. Often, they are aged wines from the previous century, which makes them even more special. Exclusive goods simply cost a lot. Romanée Conti, for example, is made from grapes grown on a mere 1.8 hectares of vineyards, with the average yield amounting to only five or six thousand bottles. This may give you an idea how much every single drop is valued.

Not All That You Drink Is (Mere) Gold

Then there are wines that are only released in limited editions of dozens of bottles, or on very special occasions. One such wine is the Australian Penfolds 2004 Block 42, of which only twelve specially-designed “ampoules” have been made that can only be opened by a trained sommelier from the vineyard. To add an extra touch of class to the ampoule-opening ceremony, the wine expert will use a specially designed, sterling silver scribe-snap and decant the wine using sterling silver tastevin cups. However, this unique fine wine is worth much more than its weight in gold. Be prepared to pay around $160,000! A bargain, right? For those of you who might be tempted, we have bad news: this gem of Australian viticulture is now completely sold out.

An Auction May Cost You

The price of some collector’s items at auctions may reach astronomical levels. The most expensive French wines are from Burgundy and Bordeaux. An example from an auction at Sotheby’s: three bottles of Château Lafite-Rothschild, vintage 1869, were purchased by a wine-collecting enthusiast for an inconceivable $600,000.

The moral of this article? Aged wine gives you a great opportunity to grasp the significance of this popular beverage, and it can be a perfect present for your loved ones. And sometimes you won’t even have to mortgage your house to buy it! A living (or, shall we say, liquid?) proof is our selection of wines.


The World’s Most Expensive Wine Speaks French

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