Vintage wine as a gift

Vintage wine makes an original gift for various occasions. Each bottle is unique so finding the perfect present for the people in your life will be a breeze. Choosing a wine from the year they were born is the easiest way to go about it.

Vintage wine is often given as a gift for someone’s birthday or a work-related or wedding anniversary. Most often, our customers buy wine as a present for someone’s 40th or 50th birthday.

Gifting vintage wine is also a wonderful way to thank a colleague for the years they have worked for a company (for example, wine aged 12 years for 12 years of dedicated work).

In addition to wines with ‘milestone’ vintages, you may want to consider purchasing a world-famous wine intended for special occasions, for example, to show appreciation of an important business partner or to simply buy a valuable present for someone who is not necessarily a wine lover or connoisseur. We offer many such wines, including Amarone, Barolo, Brunello di Montalcino, Chianti Classico and Champagne.


Looking for a wine to cellar for a few years before opening it?

Our latest arrivals have not yet spent much time in the cellar because they are meant to be aged by the owner. We have selected the following fine wines from France and Italy that are good for aging:


White wines for aging:

Mercurey Les Héritiers Saint-Genys, Burgundy, France

2019 Soave Runcata Tenuta di Corte Giacobbe, Venoto, Italy

Red wines for aging:

2015 Amarone della Valpolicella Dal Cero, Valpolicella, Italy


All these wines have great potential for long-term aging. They are suitable for investment or as a gift that will delight twice – once when given and once again when opened.

Vintage wine gift-wrapping options

We are able to deliver your order in professional gift packaging. Our unique vintage wines look best in our wooden gift boxes for one, three or six bottles.

Our special wine opener for vintage bottles will make a wonderful addition to your wine collection. It helps open even very old vintage bottles without ruining the cork, which can become crumbly in old bottles. Using our special opener will make your wine-opening experience more satisfying.

If you want to send the wine directly to the recipient, you can leave us a personalized message that we will print on handmade paper and attach to your order instead of the invoice. In such cases, an invoice will only be sent to you electronically and not as part of the package.

3 different bottles gift package

Comparing different wines from the same winery is certainly an interesting experience. Discover the benefits of different vintages for a better price than if you bought each bottle separately. Beautiful wooden gift box is included.


Don’t miss out

Gift package of 3 bottles of Champagne from Champagne Bouché

Gift package with 3 different vintages from Château Saint-Hilaire


Is the recipient a bubble-lover? This gift package of three bottles of vintage Champagne Bouché is definitely a great choice.

How to order vintage wine as a gift

You can select your wine quickly and easily based on the vintage or grape variety. If you wish, you can add to your order a special wine opener for vintage bottles, as well as a wooden gift box for one, three or six bottles.

If you wish to have the order delivered as a gift directly to a third party, please mention this in the comment field (by saying, for example, “this is a gift”). To avoid damage in transit, the wine and gift box are usually shipped separately.

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